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Talent Strategy

The idea of talents strategy
Owning company make every effort to provide each employee stage and an opportunity to make the most of talents, and the rise of each employee to explore space and channels;
Use: companies from staff expertise, combined with job requirements, maximum extent, reasonable, optimizing the allocation of Human resources.* career: the human resources department goalkeeper for the staff for their career planning, mining staff has the development potential, combined with the company development strategy to provide staff training and career development opportunities.

Talent strategy, target
Always in the service of the company development strategy: the introduction of human resources and use always revolve around the company development strategy, always serve the strategic target, promote the realization of strategic goals;
Make reasonable structure optimization of the talent team: on the premise of the strategic target, based on the company actual, combining with the characteristics of human resource personalized, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, to zhengzhou hongda own excellent team;
Building multi-level talent team in every field: aiming at the sustainable development of zhengzhou hongda, on the premise of mechanism healthy operation of the company as a whole and carefully constructed specialization and hierarchical talent echelon;

Talent strategy, measures
Cultivating enterprise culture, shape the zhengzhou hongda talent values: actively promote enterprise culture construction, to cultivate employees high degree of identity and sense of loyalty to the company culture, cultural advancement opportunities;
The introduction of excellent resources of colleges and universities, strengthen the talent base: focus on the introduction of outstanding graduates of colleges and universities work actively, build good company talent base of sustainable development;
Vigorously carry out the training work, fosters the talent elite: make full use of the internal and external resources, diversification of the training work, training company personnel at the core of strength;
Efforts to introduce industry high-end professional talents, promote talent level: actively absorb and the introduction of high-end industry professionals, improve the level of construction.