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Sweeping vehicle delivery ceremony

Date:2015-7-29 15:18

July 28, 2015, before the Zhengzhou Hongda Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. office, held a delivery ceremony Honda sweeper. Deputy Director of Administration Sanmenxia Yellow River Highway Bridge Zhou Jianmin, conservation chief Xu Long, the team captain Chengshao Fu attended the delivery ceremony, Honda Motor, General Manager Xingyu Hui, assistant general manager Wang Chengkui and associated personnel involved in delivery of the vehicle activities Wang Chengkui to Chengshao Fu vehicle submitted golden key.
The vehicle delivered to JYC5060TSLQL1 sweeper for road cleaning and maintenance work Sanmenxia Yellow River Highway Bridge. Handsome in appearance HTC sweeper will be the Yellow River Highway Bridge in a beautiful landscape, this model has a job flexible sweeper, cleaning efficiency, the cleaning can simultaneously water, garbage collected by pumping to avoid the sweep when secondary dust.
Three guest for the delivery vehicle to conduct a comprehensive inspection, expressed satisfaction with the production quality of the vehicle. We believe that through the delivery of the vehicle, for I will play a very good publicity and promotion in Sanmenxia City, Yuncheng and marketing surrounding areas of sanitation vehicles.
Sanmenxia Yellow River Highway Bridge is located between Shanxi Pinglu County and Sanmenxia city on the Yellow River, a total length of 1310 meters, is the State Road 209 line connected to Shanxi and Henan provinces, the large bridge across the Yellow River natural moat.

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