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Declaration of quality: The Pursuit Of Excellence, Innovation Is Infinite
Business philosophy: Is The Heart In Man, Pay Attention To The Car
Service philosophy: Honesty, Service First

Zhengzhou hongda automobile industry co., LTD., has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, after-sales service system strictly enforce the ISO9001 standards, formulated the "zhengzhou hongda automobile industry co., LTD, after-sales service management system, emphasize the responsibilities, procedures, specifications, record the standardization of operation, emphasize continuous improvement of the quality management system operation, prompt after-sales service management work carried out in accordance with the approved by the association of international quality management standards and has scalability.

Zhengzhou hongda automobile industry co., LTD. Set up 20 in the country more than 30 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide after-sales service center.The center has perfect set sales, technology, service, spare parts supply in the integration of marketing services network security system.

In the technical service centres have permanent full-time service engineers and skilled workers, guidance to help maintenance and repair of technical service work, factory based in zhengzhou, the technology service center is equipped with technical service, to provide fast high-quality after-sales service 24 hours and tracking technology services on a regular basis.


All the technical service center in HTC accessories point-of-sale, further increases the market accessories reserves, my company to provide customers the necessary accessories.

With major domestic auto manufacturers set up a quick access to after-sales service, to quickly resolve the automobile chassis parts in my company equipment maintenance problems.

Headquarters set up in zhengzhou factory five emergency services team, to solve all over the country in the center of the technical services staff nervous or need to provide technical support, rushed to the scene processing equipment problems in a timely manner.