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In 2006, our company adopted the dry mixing technology of Australian, and created the dry mixing brand of “VOLKEN” (registered trademark).


Outstanding Technology   Industrial Pioneer


The blade system with unique design constitutes the core technology of Hongda VOLKEN. All its blades compressed into three-dimensional type with streamline cross section and strict welding process, ensuring the precise helical angle and screw pitch, accomplishing the unique function of three-dimensional mixing. This function fully satisfies the high demands of dry mixing technology and also the wet mixing technology with excellent performance. It realizes the wet and dry mixing technology of zero slump and 75mm aggregates with high uniformity and strong workability, which has reached the standard of Australian AS1379 “Technical Specification for Concrete and Its Facilities”. It ensures the low angle of tank(13.5°), high filling rate(65%), low residual rate(almost zero), high mixing stirring rate(30 second/m3).  


The three-dimensional mixing function is specially designed for mixture mixing, which can fully ensure the uniformity and workability of concrete during the transportation. It can replace the main frame directly and continues the concrete mixing work when the main frame has a failure. When loading the mixed concrete, it can ensure the uniformity and workability of concrete and restore the not well-mixed concrete. Even for the long-distance transportation, it can also do the high-speed mixture mixing work and restore the concrete making sure the work performance at the work site.  


Hongda VOLKEN mixer is the essential concrete transportation equipment for the key projects like the dam, power station, road, bridges and so on. It is designed for meeting the requirements of transporting the large aggregate particle concrete, low slump concrete with poor road conditions, having high demands of concrete uniformity and intension. Hongda VOLKEN mixer is the best equipment for transporting large aggregate particle and low slump concrete.


Design of lap joint structure with long working life and low operating/ maintenance cost


In order to reduce the operating cost and fully extend the working life of tank, we adopt the lap joint structure with the function of partial replaceability, such as the tank body (shell cover and rear cone, rear cone and middle column casing, middle column casing and front cone) and the blades (blades and blades, blades and tank body), the lap joint structure are widely adopted among them. This structure can make sure the high welding quality by changing the force state and also realize the separate replacement of each part. Since during the transportation, the abrasion of rear cone and middle column casing is more serious than other parts, especially for the rear cone. With this structure, it can avoid the loss caused by changing the total tank because of the abrasion, and extend the tank’s working life effectively, which can make the tank’s working life be consistent with the chassis’s.


The design of lap joint structure for the blades also achieves the function of partial replaceability, the lap joint of blades and tank changes the force state, thus intermittent welding at the blade root is available, which reduce the changes and deformation of the tank material caused by full blades welding. With this structure, since there is the distance of 50mm between welding part and tank, blades replacement hardly has the influence for the tank, as well as the external lacquer. (In respect of the blades structure, the most serious part of wearing is in the cutting edge, and even so, it can also keep the excellent working performance like the brand new ones.)  

With this lap joint structure, on the one hand, it can extend the vehicles’ working lifespan, on the other hand, because of the unique three-dimensional mixing function on the Hongda VOLKEN tank, it can move the concrete compulsorily and guarantee safety driving by making sure the small variation for the center of gravity when the vehicle climbs or descends. Because of the high filling rate, the tank of Hongda VOLKEN owns the smaller curb weight (more than 500kg) and volume compared with other brands at the base of the same specification. Light upper part reduces or avoids the damage to chassis caused by overload and guarantees the long working lifespan.

Completely discharge of concrete reduces the loss caused by residual concrete during transportation. With the least residual concrete, the tank can be fully washed by very little water from pressure water tank, working loss for washing the residual concrete by percussion drill can be well avoided.