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Corporate Culture

Enterprise Slogan

For the People, For the Life

Zhengzhou Hongda Automobile Industry Co.,Ltd has deeply concerns with society and the livelihood of the people by providing quality products and first-level services, which is dedicated to the fulfillment of the sustainable and healthy development of CHTC.


Development Strategy

Integration of the enterprise resources and social resources, with the concept of business structure, to accomplish a rapid and healthy development of CHTC by promoting the adjustment of equity structure, business structure, organizational structure, and coordinating three business of textile machinery, general machinery and the commercial trucks.   


Enterprise Mission

Creating a flagship in manufacturing    Leading the development of textile industry

Give full play to the influence of state-owned asset in the area of market segment for textile industry and related businesses, integrate and optimize business resources, constantly improve the capability of independent innovation, vigorously promote high-tech and value-added products, create a batch of international competitive brands, lead the advancement and development of the textile industry, to become a influential large equipment manufacturing enterprise.


Core Values

Achievement, Regulation, Integrity

Achievement: Always insist on “the Scientific Outlook on Development”, putting development as the top priority, establishing the concept of achievement-oriented evaluation criterion, continuously improving the quality and efficiency of enterprise development, assuring and increasing the value for state-owned asset.

Regulation: Always follow the laws of market economy development, state-owned enterprises’ development and CHTC itself-development, make and carry out the right regulations strictly, implement the way of supervision and execution on those regulations, set up a good environment to abide by the corporation regulations.

Integrity: Always be honest to the country, society, and costumers; seek the truth from facts; gain benefits, customers and development by honesty.


The Spirit of Enterprise

Collaboration  Innovation  Excellence

Collaboration: Internally, establish the consciousness of general situation and teamwork, cooperate with each other and realize the common development. Externally, do business closely with the world trend of development, coordinate with China environment, realize the co-prosperity and coexistence with customers.

Innovation: Respond to changes actively; insist on the innovation of thought and concept to promote the strategy innovation, organization innovation, technology innovation and market innovation for achieving the sustainable development of enterprises.

Excellence: Create first-class image, cultivate first-class team, develop first-class products, provide first-class service, constantly pursuit and surpass itself, lead the industry development.


Management Objective

Create value for shareholders; Create benefits for customers

Create opportunities for employees; Create wealth for the society

Create value for shareholders: Creating value for shareholders is the basic requirement of CHTC. Adhere to the scientific development concept; improve the profitability, pursuit the maximum benefits for shareholders and the sustainable development for enterprise.

Create value for customers: Creating value for customers is the value embodiment of CHTC. Pursuit the consistency of the enterprise value and customer value, provide the value-added services for customers, improve customer value and enterprise value synchronously.

Create opportunities for employees: Creating opportunities for employees is the fundamental idea of CHTC. Adhere to the people-oriented concept; respect the employee’s value, trust employee’s abilities, create platforms for employee’s development, realize their personal value during the enterprise development.

Create wealth for the society: Create wealth for the society is ultimate aim of CHTC. Perform the economy and society responsibility consciously, positively create the social wealth, service and dedicate to the society, realize the harmonious development of the enterprise and society.